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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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5/19/2019" Be Wise not a Wise Guy"

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Posted 12 days ago by Anonymous
Do we are actually doing the same which is being taught in the Bible or what are we required to do in our daily life of being a Christian. Are we spending our life according to rules read more here what are being taught in our Holy Book?
Posted 5 days ago by Anonymous
Rev. Andy Mattick is such an extremely good preacher that he can create an surroundings of his own choice in no time. It constantly excites me to listen to his sermon. Although the duration of his sermons may be very small, read reviews for more details as I assure you hearing these sermons with complete attention can change your existence.
Posted 2 days ago by Anonymous
We will not live in for ever on this mortal world and we all know it. Even understanding the whole thing, we want to live according to the policies and rules of the God get more information from article to make certain the peaceful existence after loss of life.
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